Mechanical Design (CAD)
Tool Design

Vise; Manufacturing Jig 
The client needed help designing devices which would aid in the packaging of free leaf marijuana into proprietary capsules in order to validate the scalability of this particular product. 
I designed a minimal viable product consisting of 3 tools that enabled 12 capsules to be filled evenly and packaged all at the same time. I am only comfortable sharing one of those three tools at the moment, which is the vise. 
I included tool assembly instructions, instructions for use, and manufacturing assembly steps in my deliverable which are not shown here.
Development Journey
Build Protocols & Sketch fixtures:
The entire tool was designed with off the shelf components except for the fixture and the jaw shown here.
For the protocols and instructions for use, I worked closely with the client on his vision for the product. 
It was important that the vise was simple enough to be operated with one hand because the other hand would be in use.  
Physical Device in action:
The device performed as desired. 
Unfortunately I can not share any more of the manufacturing steps. 
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