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Lumiio Learn, preparing for a life with low vision
Lumiio Learn is intended to serve as an accessible educational platform to make low vision training and therapy accessible to individuals who have been diagnosed with a degenerative vision disorder like Retinitis Pigmentosa, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Diabetes, or even Cataracts . 
Currently most training and therapy begins for a patient after their eyesight has diminished completely, which is an extremely difficult and overwhelming time in their life. Most people are unprepared for a life without vision and are often at an older age where learning new skills takes much more effort. 
Lumiio Learn will provide access to learning these low vision skills and help nudge the patient to start therapy while they are still sighted, providing them with confidence and resources they need to live an independent and fulfilling life without vision. 

Students will learn about Lumiio through their doctor, low vision therapist, or friend.  On the app there will be free access to remote micro courses and diagnostic exercises to stay ahead of cataracts. 

The service relies on key partnerships with Institutes for the Blind and Low Vision Therapists to effectively teach certain subjects and provide mental support. The partnerships with Lumiio Learn will serve to funnel students and patients into local Institutes for the Blind and Low Vision Therapists.

Development Journey
I began the project focused medication adherence and more specifically designing for ways to encourage people with glaucoma to take their medication.
As I began speaking with users who had Glaucoma and Ushers-1f and I became fascinated with the idea that their vision had an expiration date. Through interviews I learned that they all knew there was a high chance their vision would disappear, but still only 25% had began actually learning low vision skills.
(Users ages marked from year 2020)

The service relies on key partnerships with Institutes for the Blind and Low Vision Therapists to effectively teach certain subjects and provide mental support.
I was fortunate enough to get guidance on this project from the San Francisco Lighthouse For the Blind and Visually Impaired.
According to the Royal National Institute of Blind People:
1 in 5 people will start to live with sight loss in their lifetime.
Less than 1 in 3 registered blind and partially sighted received any mobility training in the first year of experiencing sight loss.
Every day 250 people start to lose their sight in the UK. This is equivalent to one person every six minutes.
Service Network
Depending upon the patient’s needs and availability, the program will provide access to support groups, in-person training, and individual counseling. The service will also help students stay in contact with local doctors and provide doctors with closer insight into their patients progression. The  platform will provide guides and assistance for dealing with workers rights and Social Security Disability benefits. And After all the training is completed the app can serve as a valuable resource to refresh the student’s learning. 

Chatbot Functionality  
Lumiio Learn will provide an Educational Chatbot to assist the user through lessons and with accessing resources. 
-“Am I eligible for Medicare part B?”
-“Am I considered ‘partially sighted’ by the NHS?”
 Through spaced interval learning we are able to keep track of what the student learns and when, so that the chatbot can help the user review topics when they are most likely to forget them.

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