Harley Montgomery
David Kurzrock
Greenhouse; Summer Project 2012
I wanted to build a greenhouse and my father wanted a place to breed orchids, and that was the beginning of a never ending project.
Sadly most of this construction process was not documented or documented very poorly. 
Development Journey
The Greenhouse was built on a hill so we first needed to level the ground before laying the concrete foundation.
Framing the Studs
Squared the corners then started framing the structure.
Roofing and Walls
The roof was designed so that rain water would run down hill. 
All the walls were covered with twin wall poly-carbonate sheets. 
Ventilation and Doors
Windows are equipped with wax pistons that open automatically when the 
Floors and Counters
Counters were first equipped with wires but later lined with electric heating cables covered in cement.
Artificial Lighting
A symphony of lights keep the day hours long to simulate a tropical environment. 
Fruits of the Labor
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