Mechanical Design (CAD)
3D Printing

Matt Black
Dust Proof Projector enclosures; Burning Man 2018
Matt needed two enclosures that would protect his two 8K projectors from the harsh alkaline environment in Black Rock Desert at Burning Man. The enclosures
needed provide adequate ventilation to prevent the lamps from over heating, but also needed to prevent any dust particles from entering. We also only had a budget of $200.

The projectors were used to map visual designs across an inflatable octopus DJ booth. Both projectors projected the same images overlaid to enhance the brightness of the image. 
Development Journey
CAD Sketch
Using CAD to draw a box was pretty unnecessary, but it was necessary to make the mounts for the HEPA filters, computer fans, and the glass window pane.  
Environmental Control
It was important that the air inside the box was exchanged excessively to prevent the projectors from overheating. 
The 200CFM intake fan and the fan in the projector helped keep the box at a higher pressure then the outdoor environment to assure that no dust would enter.
Test Run
The projectors were run inside their respective enclosures to ensure that they would not overheat.
During a party of course.  
Photos are during the set up.
Set up
A little extra duct tape to create a good seal never hurt anyone.
Exhibition in action
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